To completely furnish our recently renovated and totally empty 5 bed villa was an extremely daunting prospect for us until we fortunately engaged DM Interiors to help and support us following a brief visit to their premises in Sotogrande. The showroom itself is stunning, as many people will know, full of amazing and stylish individual pieces and that in itself is a great start to any journey of transformation but the real skill is more about having a passion, a flair and a unique ability to start clients imagination juices flowing in order to truly understand the art of the possible. This is not about selling stylish or expensive individual pieces of furniture but more about looking at each room as an individual blank canvas, a picture or a story waiting to be told and designing a concept that just works and then finding the right pieces of the jigsaw that fit uniquely into place one by one. This can never happen straight away, requiring some patience at times and waiting for the right pieces to arrive & fit before taking the next step of the journey, iterating time after time with small changes then little add ons until suddenly the day comes when you just know that room or floor is done! To us what was quite terrifying at first actually became very exciting, waiting for each chapter to unfold and then being full of expectation and hope for the next part with each phase delivering its own excitement. Maybe our journey with DM Interiors never quite ends but our advice to anyone reading this is to at least get your journey started and see where your imagination takes you! Fabulous people ands a complete privilege and joy to work with too.